Strategic Initiatives and Engagement

The overarching aim of the Office of Strategic Initiatives and Engagement is to advance the university’s core value of diversity with respect to expanding access to health profession careers for students from diverse backgrounds and to foster a climate of inclusion for all VCU Health Sciences students.

The VCU Health Career Pipeline initiatives are centered in this office, in collaboration with the VCU health sciences schools and community partners. Strategic Initiatives and Engagement places emphasis on attracting and supporting students who come from historically underrepresented groups, geographic and educationally disadvantaged areas, and students with disabilities. The unit augments the work of student affairs offices on the MCV campus through providing innovative program solutions, academic support, and other social support resources. The Division for Academic Success, the Division for Health Sciences Diversity, Pathways to Health Career Workforce, and the Office of Student Experience deliver core student support services for health sciences students.


  Strategic Initiatives and Engagement Team

Harris Kevin headshot


 Kevin Harris

Associate Vice President for Health Sciences -  Strategic Initiatives and Engagement

(804) 827-2087  | 

Administrative contact: Shirley Farrar (804) 828-9775  |

Web Lisa headshot


 Lisa Webb

Assistant Vice President for Health Sciences - Strategic Engagement and Health Sciences Education

(804) 827-0971  | 

Deloach Adrien headshot


Adrien DeLoach

Director, Division for Health Sciences Diversity

(804) 827-9941  | 

Administrative contact: Brandon Herbin (804) 828-6185  |

Hayes Harrison headshot


Harrison Hayes

Director, Pathways to the Health Care Workforce (PHCW)

(804) 828-6345  | 

Miller Amy headshot


Amy Miller

Director, Division for Academic Success

(804) 828-6087  | 


Vetrovec Logan headshot


Logan Vetrovec

Director, Campus and Community Partnerships and Director, Student Experience

(804) 928-4995  |