Student Initiatives

Student Initiatives

The overarching aim of the Office of Strategic Initiatives and Engagement is to advance the university’s core value of diversity with respect to expanding access to health profession careers for students from diverse backgrounds and to foster a climate of inclusion for all VCU Health Sciences students. The VCU Health Career Pipeline initiatives are centered in this office, in collaboration with the VCU health sciences schools and community partners.  Strategic Initiatives and Engagement places emphasis on attracting and supporting students who come from historically underrepresented groups, geographic and educationally disadvantaged areas, and students with disabilities. The unit augments the work of student affairs offices on the MCV campus through providing innovative program solutions, academic support, and other social support resources. The Division for Academic Success, the Division for Health Sciences Diversity, Pathways to Health Career Workforce, and the Office of Student Experience deliver core student support services for health sciences students.  

kevin harris
Kevin Harris, PhD, MSA

Associate Vice President for Strategic Initiatives and Engagement

Dr. Kevin Harris is the Associate Vice President for Strategic Initiatives and Engagement in the Office of the Senior Vice President for Health Sciences. He has operational responsibility for providing leadership towards advancing the health sciences academic mission. Specific focus areas include diversity policy and programs, student access and inclusion, disability and academic support services, community engagement, and enhancing campus climate.

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Deloach Adrien Photo
Adrien DeLoach, M.A.Ed.

Director, Division for Health Sciences Diversity (DHSD)

Adrien is responsible for providing strategic leadership and managing the day-to-day operations of DHSD, which sponsors a series of pipeline programs focusing on career exploration, academic enrichment, and pre-matriculation preparation experiences for high school and college students from underrepresented backgrounds who are interested in pursuing health care occupations.

Phone: (804) 827-9941

Harrison Hayes Photo
Harrison Hayes, M.Ed.

Director, Pathways to the Healthcare Workforce (PHCW)

Harrison Hayes is the director for PHCW, a program that provides employment and academic opportunities in healthcare to opportunity youth in the city of Richmond. In partnership with the VCU Health Office of Health Impact, and community partners, PHCW is a community engaged program that supports our role as an anchor institution in Richmond. 

Phone: (804) 828-6345

Amy Miller
Amy Miller, M.S., CRC, CRP

Director, Division for Academic Success (DAS)

Amy manages a team of Learning Specialists who provide academic and disability support services for health sciences students.  She provides consultation to faculty on the development and revision of technical standards and serves on university committees to ensure that policies and practices are aligned with the unique needs of clinical education in our health sciences schools. 

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Logan Vetrovec
Logan Vetrovec, M.Ed

Director, Campus and Community Partnerships

Logan is responsible for project management and strategic alignment of the VCU health equity initiative, leading efforts to support health sciences community engagement, and building coalitions with campus and community partners.

Phone: (804) 928-4995

Lisa Webb
Lisa Webb, Ed.D., CRC

Assistant Vice President, Strategic Engagement and Health Sciences Education

Lisa is responsible for leading the strategic planning, implementation and assessment of programs and initiatives that advance the university’s mission and vision as they relate to academic health sciences education, healthcare workforce development, and the recruitment and retention of diverse faculty, staff and students. 

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