Celebrating Our Community

The VCU and VCU Health Community-Engaged Partnership Database is a real-time data tool that documents and illustrates VCU's commitment to the health and well-being of its communities and provides you the opportunity to connect, coordinate and collaborate with community partners effectively. The database displays information collected through past surveys on community-engaged partnerships across the institution, currently listing more than 400 partnerships.

As a leading academic medical center, offering advanced clinical care, providing education to future health care professionals and conducting cutting-edge research, community engagement is a critical part of our mission to serve the Commonwealth. Please share your community engagement story in the VCU and VCU Health Community-Engaged Partnership Database.


VCU and VCU Health Community-Engaged Partnership Database


  • Login to add or update a partnerships: Once you’ve logged in, you can either edit or add a partnership to the database. Find instructions, definitions, and other helpful information under the tabs at the top of the website to help you get started.
  • Take a tour of the map: The map displays aggregate density of where VCU is engaging with community partners, as well as information about the activities, geographic reach, and focus of those partnerships.
  • See real-time data: The Partnership Database is real-time meaning that you will immediately see changes once you save your data entry. While data in the Partnership Map is not yet connected to the Partnership Database in real-time, this feature is coming soon.
  • Make or request a custom report: Standard partnership reports are available for download (as excel files) for VCU and VCUHS use only. Customizable reports can be generated using the sort and filter features at the top of the database page.
  • Look for the community engagement report: After updates are complete, we will prepare data collected (i.e., clean and reformat) and update the map. This information will be reflected in our next Community Engagement Report, Beyond Our Walls.



Grandchild and grandfather laughing together.

VCU Health is reaching out to improve the lives and health of people in every corner of Virginia.

Beyond Our Walls