Room Scheduling

MCV Campus Room Scheduling


Use the Virtual EMS (Event Management System) to reserve centrally managed space.


VCU Health Sciences maintains a climate of shared accountability and responsibility for efficient management of its physical resources that support teaching, research and service. Classrooms, lecture halls, auditoriums, seminar-conference rooms and laboratories are critical instructional resources that support all VCU educational programs offered on the MCV Campus.

The State Council of Higher Education for Virginia requires Virginia public, higher education institutions to maintain and periodically report instructional space utilization. These reports are used at the state level to elevate institutional requests for additional instructional space as part of the budget appropriations process for capital construction and renovation projects. It is critical that VCU use its instructional spaces efficiently and maintain accurate reports on their use.

The guidelines and procedures for scheduling VCU Health Sciences instructional spaces were developed to promote adequate support for academic programs and efficient utilization and maintenance of these facilities. Please review the guidelines and submit requests for centrally managed classroom spaces on the Virtual EMS (Event Management System).

If alcohol will be served at your function, please view the Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy


Poster Display Panels

The Office of the Vice President for Health Sciences provides poster display panels and mounting poles to be used for the presentation of information in a variety of event formats. These “poster boards” are available for use by members of the VCU community for one or more days. There is no fee assessed for the use of the boards; however users are required to provide the appropriate fastening materials and absorb costs associated with the transportation and set up of the boards from the site at which they are stored and their return as well as any damage to the boards.

The poster boards are typically used for scholarly “poster sessions” in which the results of research / investigations are presented to various audiences. The boards have recently been used by the Schools of Dentistry and Nursing, the Honors College, Graduate School, Institute for Women’s Health and Forensic Sciences at sites on both campuses of VCU and in support of University functions conducted off-site.  To reserve poster display panels, please view the Poster Board Guidelines.