Student Experience

Student Experience

Student Experience focuses specifically on the qualitative experience of being a health sciences student and develops strategies to enhance that experience.  Specifically, this office has led to the development of a comprehensive system of assistance by attending to student success, student satisfaction, and student support.

Student success includes programming and special initiatives that will enable students to get the most out of their time at VCU by helping them to overcome barriers to that success, and helping to poise them for success after completion of their degree.  Examples of such initiatives include the Success Seminar Series focused on topics that include financial literacy and starting a private practice, and a campus wide communication tool.

Student satisfaction involves not only the review of data that students provide regarding their experience but also involves being responsive to this data.  This includes liaising with various student services units to review and improve their policies, procedures, and service delivery methods to ensure that the distinct needs of health sciences students are being considered.  The collaborative development of a health sciences student satisfaction survey is also underway to ensure that the data that is captured on an annual basis from students attends to every meaningful aspect of their experience.

Student support includes the provision of a formalized system wherein students can request assistance in navigating any component of their experience.  The Director of Student Experience advocates on the student’s behalf and ensures that complaints are resolved in a satisfactory manner.  


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Alena C. Hampton, Ph.D., LCP

Director, Student Experience

Organizes and implements student success strategies and the coordination of these efforts with faculty, staff, and other departments; Provides assistance to students, faculty and staff who seek guidance around a range of student related academic, health, behavioral and personal issues; Resolves student complaints and issues to satisfactory conclusion as well as implements VCU-wide student affairs initiatives; Creates and integrates survey vehicles to assess student satisfaction and develops associated student success initiatives; Provides consultations to students as needed; Responsibility for coordination and collaboration of student organization activities.

Phone: (804) 628-2660
Fax: (804) 828-4609


Boxley Kathleen 3
Kathleen Boxley

Outreach and Social Media Specialist, Student Experience

Assists in building and maintaining social media engagement across social media platforms.  Develops and implements targeted social media campaigns and tracks their success.  Manages communication to all health sciences students via existing formal mediums.  Responsible for project coordination of recurring and special events, to include design elements, promotion, surveys, and technical execution.

Phone: (804) 828-1570

Chelsea Gary

Program Coordinator, Student Experience

Assists the Director of Student Experience in the programmatic efforts of the Office of Student Experience.  Specifically, assists in the assessment of health sciences student needs and helps to develop and implement programmatic initiatives to meet these needs. Oversees the implementation of existing programming initiatives, including the Success Seminar Series, the SCIE Ambassador Program, and co-curricular programming.  Assesses student satisfaction and learning outcomes in all OSE programs.

Phone: (804) 828-2472