Classroom Scheduling

MCV Campus Classroom Scheduling


Use Virtual EMS (Event Management System) to reserve centrally managed space.


**New** Important Information

Course-based activities, including course meeting times, exams, dissertation defenses, and grand rounds, will take precedence over all other activities in the centrally managed instructional space. All other requests for space, even if approved, may be canceled should classroom space be needed for course-based activity.   

These spaces are not meant for events. All events must use VCU Event Services to find a space. Alcohol is not allowed in any of the centrally managed instructional spaces. Any requests that involve alcohol are considered events, and those seeking an available space should go through VCU Event Services to coordinate the event.




 VCU Health Sciences maintains a climate of shared accountability and responsibility for efficient management of its physical resources that support teaching, research and service. Classrooms, lecture halls, auditoriums, seminar-conference rooms and laboratories are critical instructional resources that support all VCU educational programs offered on the MCV Campus.

The State Council of Higher Education for Virginia requires Virginia public, higher education institutions to maintain and periodically report instructional space utilization. These reports are used at the state level to elevate institutional requests for additional instructional space as part of the budget appropriations process for capital construction and renovation projects. It is critical that VCU use its instructional spaces efficiently and maintain accurate reports on their use.